Introduction to my blog

Hello! Welcome to my little blog.

The aim of this blog is for me to simply express myself and find my missing piece of the puzzle. To explain what I mean by the latter, I guess I need to point out a few things. Maybe the same applies to you… maybe not. Whenever I see something new, a hobby/activity someone else I know is doing, I am curious about how to do it. A part of me wants to be able to see if I can also do the same. Do I have a talent for it?

Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that my ego is trying to prove that I am better than so and so at doing whatever it is…for example painting. Something deep inside of me is curious. How do they do that? What else can I create? WIll I be good at it?

How do they do that?

What else can I create? WIll I be good at it?

WIll I be good at it?

I think I am searching for a missing piece. That feeling when you have created something of your own and are proud of it.

In the past, I use to draw like my life depended on it. Overly dramatic, I know. Recently I have not been able to draw, but thats for another post. I was interested in baking and use to run my own cake business until I got a Dog 3 years ago. I really invested a lot of time into it.  One day I saw a youtuber painting and ended up spending a few years really getting into painting. Both watercolours and acrylic. A girl a knew started her own wedding stationary company and thought maybe I could try that? Wasn’t really my cup of tea. I have tried all sorts of things.

I read a book earlier in the year.  It mentioned the Sanskirt word Dharma, which means purpose in life. Everyone has a unique talent. Something that they are good at. I am searching to find my very unique talent.

I know I will find it.

So…..I will use this blog to help me find it. If along the way I get to do a few fun things; they will be added bonuses.



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