Looking for signs not symptoms

Through past experiences I have come to believe that we are constantly shown signs on which direction to proceed in. Now it is up to us to decide whether we wish to proceed forward with the sign in mind or turn a blind eye to them.

I am writing this blog post whilst sitting in Hong Kong airport, awaiting my next flight. So this blog will be short.

Now these signs can be in the form of someone simply saying something in passing, an opportunity placed before us or literally a sign (I mean a full on billboard sign). Sometimes I will be thinking about something, a way to improve myself. Someway to change up my life and make it a bit more exciting. It is then that I would come across something, previously I would have thought it was a coincidence, now I see them as a sign.

Sorry I may be rambling, I did just get off a 13hour flight. I am in the process of ticking off something on my buckets. Solo trip to a foreign country where english is not the main language and visit Japan. So i guess two things on my bucket list. The past few months leading up to this date I wanted to make my life seem more interesting.

Im going off topic. Normally I am he most antisocial person on the plane. Im not great at talking to strangers sitting next to me. I just want to watch as many movies as possible. Today, the man next to me just kept talking to me about his work before we took off. He has a diving instructor school in the Philippines.

It was interesting to hear about his travels and interest in diving abroad. He went on to list some instructing school in England. I suddenly had the urge to sign up for classes once i got back to England. It wasn’t just a spontaneous whim. I choose to take it as a sign as I had been looking for something new to do. If i had done my usual behaviour of trying to politely nod whilst subtly insert my headphones in I would not have come this thought. I mean I did revert back to my old self afterwards, to which I was glad of. Things got a bit unpleasant when both that passenger and his friend, who i feel i must mention are 50 year olds started to try and direct their farts towards one another. >.<

Anyway, I need to make my way to my next plane. I hope to post about diving classes in the future. Until then, look for the signs.

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