A crazy thing called time: my short story

A little story I came up with one day. Now its a draft. 

Ever had that feeling that everyone else was crazy and that you were the only one sane?

As far back as I can remember I’ve been told I was abnormal. Different. Crazy.

The world around me would halt briefly for a second, then a minute and now hours. Not a single flicker of movement in the world. Just me, free to wonder aimlessly between the life like statues.

Apparently It’s my mind trying to catch up with the world or was it that my mind is racing a head? I can’t remember all of the different explanations.

One  thing I know….. there is nothing wrong with me.

Chapter one- end 2020

It’s November 5th and a plethora of colours are shooting up and temporarily painting the sky. I sit and watch them. Then reverse them,  watching the fireworks crawl back down. The colours draining from the dark canvas above me. I would have to admit that this is almost as good as watching rain in reverse.

It has taken many years but I’ve finally mastered how to control time. Pushing back, forwards and to a halt at my whim. I was never crazy.

I was brought up initially in an orphanage Not sure who my family were. Apparently I was left at Sister Katherine’s orphanage when I was 5 years old. It wasn’t long before I got kicked out.  I was too much for them and I was taken away to a psychiatric ward of a hospital.

I finally realised that I was able to manipulate time when I was 16. I know that it should have occurred to me years before, seeing that I must have been born with this gift but when you’re constantly being told that you are crazy to think you could control time, you start to question yourself. Doubting everything and fearing your own ability. I am no longer afraid of my power. Yes, it would be easy for me to rewind the clocks to correct my past. Undo all the times I tried to claim that I was not insane for thinking the impossible, but Would I really want to relive some many of my past years again?

With the future I have no interest in pushing forwards. Why leap forwards in time? Really now. Just to see what the future holds?I know what the future holds. Armageddon. No I am not being dramatic.

My name is Cora. The only problem looming over me, is that  a comet is set to crash into earth.

Scientists first noticed it half a year ago and the world is yet to find a solution to our problem. The comet is too large to be taken down by any weapons. There is nothing we can do. An impending doom.

Now do you understand why I have no interest in the future. Well I didn’t, until I started to see dreams of a little girl. Long brown hair and stormy grey eyes. There is a familiarity to her. Each time I see her she is standing I front of me talking to me but her words fail to reach me. The first time I woke up with tears in my eyes. The crazy thing is I feel like she is a part of me. Maybe all this playing around with time has somewhat connected me to the future. I know what I said before, Armageddon but what if she is in one of the possible futures that lay ahead? What if there is a way to stop what is about to happen? I don’t have ties to anyone else but she is a part of me. Maybe the only chance I will ever have at having someone else in my life. I mean for me to be able to see visions of her must be because she has the same power over time and is projecting herself back to me?

I know this would sound all crazy to you but I’m not crazy.

Chapter 2- the middle

They’ve notified us that the comet is due to enter the stratosphere in the next 24 hours. After that there’s no return. I’ve tried to think a solution to how it could be avoided. Even contemplated the idea that if I did nothing maybe it would still work out but a part of me, a really small nagging part of me doesn’t like the idea. It nags for me to turn back time. Give myself more time to figure out something. Like an itch I can’t scratch, I feel the urge to rewind time. I’ve tried telling others but we all know what happens when I mention the whole time issue. Crazy crazy crazy. Throw her into a psychiatric hospital.

When I look out the window I see the panic running a mock of the people. They were wrong about the comet. The first of the debris breaks loose and crashes down. A smoulder of fire erupts from the site, followed by scream and scattering or people in every direction.

I need more time. I want to see her but I don’t know how. I need to do something. Anything! But what? I curse to myself and then looked up again out my window. Coming straight at me is another chunk of debris. It’s racing towards me but I slow time down and watch it turn to a creep.

More time. More time. That’s it! Just rewind back and you will have more time! How much time? I start to rewind the hands of time when she pops back into my head. “Don’t do it!” she screams and I lose control. I see the face of my daughter when I’m hit by debris. Everything turns to black

Chapter 3- the beginning

I wake up in the middle of a field. Above me, the sky is clear. Nothing like the what I had seen 5 minutes before with the debris showering down, or should I say sometime in the future.  Im lying in the middle of a field and across the grass I see a tall old building with a sign outside. Walking up to the main door I realise how huge it looks. I mean my head only makes it to the letter box. When I reach out to knock at the door I see how small my little fist is. They are tiny. What’s going on? Then I realise the sign. Sister Katherine’s orphanage. I’m back here of all places. How? My powers could take me back in time. It shouldn’t be able to move me from place to place as well. It takes me a little while to remember that the orphanage had closed down 5 years after I left and the building converted to apartments. I had moved into the apartment out of morbid curiosity when I first found out. I’m back in the body of my 5 year old self.

The door opens and I’m taken in before I can say a word. It wouldn’t have mattered What I said. Shortly afterwards I was taken in and they didn’t believe a word I said about how I didn’t belong here. That I had powers that could turn shift time. Nope they blamed the horrible looking bump I had on my head. Saying that I must have hit my head. Just like last time it unfolds again. At first they think it’s the bump. Then they start to say I’m causing problems because I want attention. They’ve done a search on me and found out that I have no parents. Next they are moving me to a near by psychiatric hospital. Here at the hospital I’m force fed pills after pills. Disgusting things that are meant to calm me. They make me feel funny. I can’t think straight. Don’t even try to mention to me or ask what about my powers. Now that I’m back into the body of my 5 year old self I’m also back to the limited powers of my 5 year old self. I can barely hold a second.

There’s a brief moment I feel like I can think. I need to warn myself not to do this. When I’m older I will try something else. Just not this. I rush over to my window. It’s dark outside so I can see my reflection clearly on the window. I’m standing and shouting at my reflection. Warning  myself. My long brown hair and stormy grey eyes. The little girl I saw before was never my daughter. She looked familiar like she was a part of me only because she was me. That was never a message from the future but a warning from the past. I was warning myself. How stupid? Why didn’t I remember? My ego had gotten the better part of me. I had thought of myself as powerful enough to control time. When really I’m another puppet to the hands of time. This time I will remember. I fool myself into thinking this when the door opens to my room and I’m force fed more pills. My shouting had alerted them to my crazy behaviour. I start to feel fuzzy. My mind clouds and in a haze. The only thing that makes sense is that I now know why I didn’t remember this all happening. All those pills. It’s all going to happen again and again because I’m probably not going to remember this again. I’m stupidly going to come back to this time again in 20 years and rewind back to the beginning. I just keep telling myself that I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy and I can control time.

End? or just another point in the story?

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